Experience a unique coaching program

Experience a unique coaching programme via seminars on Leadership, Teambuilding and Personal Development and reach new levels of success for you, your team or your business.

      Horse Input combines the traditional life and business coaching with Horse Assisted Education, a transformative seminar based exclusively on experiential learning and direct interaction with horses. It is designed for leaders, their team, but also for any individual person and provides seminars on leadership, team training and coaching.

      Horse Assisted education programmes are more than trainings or teambuilding activities. Focused on developing innovative and successful leadership styles, as well as competencies and skills related to emotional intelligence (EQ) for themselves and for the entire team, transformative and long-term outcomes are achieved. In this coaching programme, the horse acts as a mirror of the personality and the personal leadership skills.

     Management and leadership are two different concepts. Management is the ability of a person to deal with complex structures. Companies are dealing, first of all, with complexity. Management monitors, identifies problems and provides solutions, identifies deviations from original plans, reorganises, rewards and gives penalties according to the programme. Management develops the company’s capacity to observe the strategy, building an organisational structure adapted to its specific needs, delegating tasks and monitoring their progress. On the contrary, a leader sets the direction, the vision of the future and designs strategies to change the approach according to the goals pursued. A leader motivates people and rallies them behind company beliefs. When we speak about leadership, we speak about motivation and inspiration, based on values, needs and emotions.

          Leadership does not mean control but liberty, taking responsibility, being able to listen to people and being a role model. We are all emotional human beings, and the horse helps us discover ourselves as individuals and as part of a team.

Immediate and sustainable results

Experience both effective communication and emotional ability with Horse Input in an innovative way and test the change it brings in you and your team. In addition to the theoretical part, the seminars focus on the practical implementation of communication, cooperation and leadership strategies.

Simple implementation

Efficient leadership strategies

Improving performance

Development of social competencies

Better communication

Increased emotional intelligence