Why horses?

       Horses have fascinated and inspired people due to their grace, speed, physical and mental strength, and their perfect instinct. Whether they are used for recreation or work, they provide a reflection of behaviour, in other words a real, judgement-free feedback. The experience with a horse is an honest, immediate and long-lasting experience.


          Avantajele şi beneficiile atât în business cât şi individuale sunt multiple şi diverse:

  •      Better self-knowledge and better understanding of others
  •      Positive and sustainable behaviour changes
  •      Improved performances due to increased motivation and setting clear goals
  •      A work environment based on trust and respect
  •     An experiential learning driving the development of emotional and rational intelligence
  •     A leadership model based on trust and respect
  •     Teams which are aware of their collective behaviour


        We know that around 90-93% of our communication is conveyed through non-verbal (gestures, looks, breathing, etc.) and para-verbal (tone of voice, rhythm, volume, etc.) language which is often out of sync with what we communicate through words. In reality, our true self reveals itself only in non-verbal language, which cannot be changed, faked or hidden. Horses react to this level of behaviour. This is essential for them, namely the profound message to which they respond and react. The horse-led coaching experience requires the involvement of our whole body in trying to lead and be followed, without using our physical strength.

       Specially designed individual and team exercises create an environment in which empathy and feelings can be accessed and manifested in order to stimulate cohesion and trust between group members with the ultimate goal of developing each participant's leadership skills. Practising with the horse the way we convey the messages and our desire to collaborate, we are facing a situation in which we have to reflect on our own person and our own intentions, the effects being transposed on the horse's behaviour, then upon the whole team we work with.


       Horses are extremely intelligent partners which offer instant and honest feedback and help participants to know each other better and also to discover how others really perceive them, and all these will be stored in the long-term memory thanks to emotions, which are proven to be able to store information. Thus, the participant can apply the acquired skills in his/her organisation, in real-life situations, developing self-awareness, efficient decision-making or properly assigning team roles.


           Horses live only in the moment, they make no assessments on the future or the past. They react only to what you feel in this moment. People constantly relate to past, present and future, mixing the three levels and often react based on prejudice. Horses are able to show us what leadership, team, emotional intelligence, integrity and honesty mean.

       All this without getting in the saddle, but only using body language, our own will and the strategy we develop to achieve our goals. The activities are selected to meet the needs of the team, organisation, industry, or individual needs, and then will be transposed into the business environment and the personal development area of each individual. Horses have the active role of facilitator which gets involved in the event dynamics, in every educational activity which includes horses. They are living here and now. Trust is the key issue when working with horses. Before claiming it, we must be sure that we have offered it.


        All Horse Input seminars are conducted by personnel internationally certified in Horse Assisted Education. Horse Input is a member of EAHAE –European Association for Horse Assisted Education, providing leadership, team training and coaching seminars.




Corporate transformation begins with a shift in the values and behaviours of the leadership. Corporations don’t transform, people do!”   Richard Barrett