Working with horses helps you focus on your role within the team and how coherently you work with the others in order to perform a task. A team of people and a team of horses share many in common. Both require strong leadership skills, effective communication and keen awareness of the groups’ goals and needs.


     The team must prove:

  •     Goal clarity
  •     Creating a collective awareness
  •     Self-confidence and trust in others
  •     Dynamic leadership
  •     Increasing team spirit
  •     Constructive communication using feedback
  •     Developing motivation and empathy skills
  •     Promoting a responsible team spirit
  •     Improving cooperation drive
  •     Transfer into the daily life, thanks to “AHA” moments
  •     Sustainable productivity growth at the workplace
  •     Adapting to management changes


„Comming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success” – Henry Ford