International Success Method

          Horse Input, a certified member of EAHAE (International Association of Horse Assisted Education), operates based on the Horse Dream concept of Horse Assisted Education and uses this method successfully in its seminars.

        The Horse Dream methodology (EAHAE) was developed in Germany, starting in 1996, especially for companies and in response to their need for personal development of employees. Horse Dream is a pioneer in Horse Assisted Education and the first company specialised in horse-led management seminars. Over time, the company continued to develop in this field, and today it is part of the study curriculum of several colleges and universities of Business Administration. Currently, there are more than 300 Horse Dream trainers worldwide who use this method to learn and specialise in subjects such as empathy, negotiation skills, delegation, risk management and many other.

       Who is it for?


       Regardless of the development stage of your organisation, and even if you decide to join us outside the business environment, you may attend a session or a package of coaching sessions. First of all, we identify the goals of the session based on the professional or personal objectives. No matter how many horse-led sessions are necessary, you will be accompanied by a trainer and the horses with which you will carry out the exercises meant to bring you closer to the established goal. This goal may be linked to personal development, burnout prevention, conflict management or many other personal or professional needs. The strength lies within us, and horses play a key role here. They are a realistic mirror and the shortest path to self-discovery and personal development, to self-confidence and authenticity. Based on the feedback provided at the end of the sessions, improvements will be observed, and new perspectives will emerge following the coaching session.


Why attend a horse-led coaching?

  •  Overcoming obstacles and fears
  •  Personal development
  •  Positive attitude towards change
  •  Preventing and overcoming burnout
  • Trust in other people and self-confidence 
  • Setting and achieving goals 
  • Extending your comfort zone 
  • Developing good quality relationships


Target group 

  •  People who look to improve their personal or professional development
  • People who experience burnout 
  • Intensive development of leadership skills



  •  Willingness to work with horses 
  • Openness to experience something new 
  • Trust in the educational power of these intelligent animals



  • Casual and comfortable clothing and sports shoes (preferably boots)