1.   Will I ride a horse?

       No. All exercises will be conducted on the ground, outdoor or inside the horse arena.


2.   Can I participate if I am afraid of horses?

Yes, you can. Fear is a very valuable element in the horse assisted education which will be released in our activities and transformed in a source of progress.


3.   What happens in case of bad weather?

In case of bad weather we will reschedule the workshop or, according to the location, we can work inside a closed horse arena.


4.   What should I wear?

Casual, comfortable clothing, multi-layered, according to the season. Sports shoes are mandatory, preferably boots, regardless of the season. A waterproof coat, regardless of the season.


5.   Is it dangerous?

Horses are accustomed to people so there are no risks other than those related to any outdoor activity. Of course, increased attention, presence and awareness prevent any potential risks.


6.    What if I am allergic to horses or other animals?

Most likely, you won’t be able to participate. This is not the case if you are under any medical treatment which does not alter your ability to make conscious decisions.


7.   Why horses and not dogs?

Horses are prey animals living in nature in hierarchical organised herds similar to those in companies. The fundamental difference between horses and dogs is their relationship with people: dogs protect their master and family, while horses follow the man in this partnership based on body language and social competencies, however, they don’t protect and defend people.
This is similar to the behaviour between an employee and the manager. The employee will follow the manager’s instructions if communicated clearly and if a good relationship has been established. If the trust between them is broken, consequences appear. The horse behaves similarly to the employee.