With so many leaders and managers working from the field or from home, and the pace at which everyone is working, it’s getting much harder to identify and effectively address gaps in how teams are being managed.

For example, many managers may be either unable to be flexible and adaptable —not just to different business changes and challenges, but also to different employees and stakeholders OR they fail to recognize the need. The result is miscommunication within the team, failure to recognize/develop talent, lack of inter-team collaboration, and even failure to meet KPI’s.

This is why we have created a coaching program called “E-Motion at Work: How Energy & Motion Converge in Leading & Managing”.

Our program is designed for both individuals and teams where, not only can participants engage in independent (or group) study of each module at their leisure, they also have the benefit of receiving regular 1:1 coaching sessions to get individualized support and guidance around their personal leadership challenges.

Have a look below on the brochure of the Program